Who Is Stolen Frames Photography?


Brett Carlson

Photographer / Director

Brett is an award winning filmmaker and photographer living in Pasadena, CA.

He earned a Master of Fine Arts degree in filmmaking at the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles in 2009 where he was a two-time recipient of the Brett Ratner Tuition Grant. Before that he was the Artistic Director of the Oxford Ensemble of Shakespearean Artists At Emory University, in Atlanta, GA, where he graduated in 2001.

He approaches photography with a director’s eye whether he’s helping an actor to create a character for a headshot, or a family to make a portrait that implies a story.

He is originally from the Tampa Bay area (FL).

Why Stolen Frames? What is being stolen?

Your life story would make a great bio-epic.

Have you struggled towards dreams? Have you overcome adversity? Have you experienced moments of transcendent bliss? If we could watch the story of your life up on the silver screen would we laugh, cry, and learn?

We probably can’t film the story of your life. A motion picture camera exposes 24 frames a second, taking 1,440 pictures every minute. You don’t have time for that. And who’s got the millions to get a film crew together anyway?

What we can do is steal the perfect frames from your bio-epic by imagining or recreating defining moments and photographing them beautifully.

Untitled photo
Untitled photo